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Love it or Hate it


Like the title says, love it or hate it, the next one will be amazing

Try not to rip on the movie if you didn't like it, we get it, you're a closed minded individual, you don't have to spread that here....

Will suck just like everything Transformers has ever sucked Tongue
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You do realize, that's akin to starting a political debate right Nis? <_<

It isn't anything like it, because I don't care about discussing how much Transformers suck on my boards. Politics on the other hand are a different matter Tongue
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Shush :tongue:

Anyways, state your reasons for thinking it will suck. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I'd like to hear your valid points as to why this movie will suck

Because the concept of Transformers is to sell the toy product (or in this case advertise for cars) and not to actually tell a story?

Creating a story should should cause a toy line, not the other way around.

The biggest reason for me trolling this thread however would be the fact you basically asked for it in the first post Smile
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I loved the transformers when I was a kid, yes they did have them back then and we had electricity too. But I'll have to go with Nis on this one about the movie. Not only is it one big car commercial but it is a commercial for a bunch of really crappy cars.
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Terminator Salvation will be better Tongue

Lets hope so, wolverine wasn't all that good.
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The movies suck it that simple the old transformers cartoons were better Tongue

Although it does look more epic than the first one.
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Archangel Wrote:Lets hope so, wolverine wasn't all that good.

Wolverine was good I thought, stayed relatively close to the Wolverine/Sabertooth miniseries of comics and I thought Liev Shrieber rocked as Victor Creed *Sabertooth* Waaaaaay better than the schlub who played him in the original X-men movie... that guy was a moron. I was a Wolverine freak when I was a teenager, had all the Wolverine comics and all the mini-series collected.... Not to mention my 3 series of Marvel Cards..... oh gawd I was a nerd =oP

umm, Was?

How's littl' Sabs? Can she say loot yet?
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Blah. I loved the old cartoon, but that Michael Bay POS movie is two hours I'll never get back. Even if they paid me the price of admission, I still wouldn't waste my time on any sequel that man directs. Why they let him still make movies I'll never know.
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I know a lot of people that really enjoyed the first one, but then, they kept open minds to it :tongue:

Also, just saw Star Trek, I thought it was great Big Grin

Keep an open mind to that one too if you go see it <_<

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