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If XWA can do playable Capships, then SWG can. A mobile base in the vein of the old GCW bases they used to let us buy would be fantastic. Yeah, they would be huge and probably easy enough to shoot down, but so were the HQ's of old, and yet we had a blast defending and attacking them. Also, finding a group wouldn't be too hard if they would just swallow their pride and do a server merge. I am confident Starsider would survive.

Anyway, it can all be explained really in one word. As Sonic always puts it...

"Return with Honor."-Saberwing motto.

well it seems no one understand... I understand teh capship thing though.. but if all those servers merge then it would still be only PvP pilots mainly as it is... since there is NO PVE content in the game once the key quests are done... lord cysc... nova orion station etc... then there is nothing to do.. except for PvP.. as well as loot and GCW grinding.

Basing content on getting new chassis in game... and thinking those are content then I can say they are not... they will be fun for a while and spending time to acquire them, but after that you got no content to do... no actual PvE missions.. NOTHING... so why should the devs spend weeks and months on giving us capships when we got no actual story lined content to throw them at, at all.

I really would like more content like maybe space instances etc.. and other stuff... quest lines you can do again and again.. or being able to make your own quest lines would be a nice feature or whatever, but we need the content before having any other real new ships again.

A player driven GCW that affects things really isn't that hard to conceive of or implement. Sony won't do it though.

What they will do is continue to do is milk Galaxies for all they can, because it days are pretty much numbered at this point.
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I agree with Nis, SOE knows that Galaxies will die when TOR is released. All they can do is release stuff they think people will enjoy till it happens and milk it all

the only real thing swg has going for it when tor is released . Is if an I stress a big IF .... tor is released and is a worse mmo the nge swg is currently and just utterly sucks nuna testicles . Then soe has the oppertunity to really improve swg . But we already know after 3 years of nge ... that just isn't happening .

What could save nge now is for soe to approach lucas and ask permission to move the time to post return of the jedi , and put forth an actual purchasable expansion that does just that . Else swg's just dead man walking for mmo's


10 bucks says that Quortek will disagree in some way :tongue:

you owe me 10 bucks then Meryl, because I don't disagree.. SWG is dying and that is about it.

You know it's 3 years post NGE now and the damn thing is still kicking. Yes SWG will die at some point, all things do, but damn if they thing hasn't out lasted its projected life expectance already. I figured it would have died a year ago or more but there are a lot of people on starsider, more than a year or even two years ago. I don't quite understand why so many are still playing. I could see LA having SOE keep the game going until TOR so they keep the few people they have left interested until the switch over, but those NGEers really do love their star wars.
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#24 topic again. If SBR isn't home of all ADD or ADHD people there are then I don't know what we are! lol...

Anyways, people are playing because there are things to do. Instances to run, Hoth to save, collections to be had, rewards to be granted, events to go to, and people to make friends with. SWG still has one of the most diverse crafting systems, the most beautiful scenery, and decent gameplay (although lvling is not easy nor fun - but doing it with people is!).
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Hanak topic again. If SBR isn't home of all ADD or ADHD people there are then I don't know what we are! lol...

I don't have AD.... Oooo Butterfly... *runs after it*

Seriously though, I actually do have ADD and ADHD lol, it's great when it interferes with my academic life :lol:

I don't got the above syndrome... I just like to play a game with friends.. as well as running economy in game as a side business.... messing around with space parts or whatever..

Alot of it is in some sort a game of life... meaning in wich way do I out competete the competition with both better quality and better scaled prices, and then of course be having a blast with SBR. Smile

QuortTek, you are a syndrome.

And D'hors, it is better to have ADD than hypertension.
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Archangel Wrote:QuortTek, you are a syndrome.

And D'hors, it is better to have ADD than hypertension.

Yeah! Ooo.. look at the kitty..

but we forgot the obseive compulsive behavior like D'hors with wampas for yet another server first ... share the wealth people ! * giggles*

Sonic Wrote:-blank stare- It's not worth the frustration trying to explain it... Someone else explain it to Q.. Star? Would you do the honors?


Ineeds me a cap shit, a corvette at least but pleeeeease damn you Sonic im a capship junkie now thanks to you.

but the gunships are cool just no vettes
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<SBR_Starfire> oh my god
<SBR_Starfire> I'm never going to live that one down am I?
<SBR_Scythe> nope

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