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How I hate thee....

And yet due to upcoming events I will most likely be resubbing shortly..... Death Troopers

Star Wars zombies? Wow... I would say SoE has hit rock bottom, but I'm sure they will think of something worse.
"Ghost Legions? Bunch of common criminals... they shouldn't give us any problems sir." - Last transmission of Col. Henry Driver, 4th Tau Ceti Lancers.

After further thought, I shall not resub, it's like feeding a dog, seems like a good idea but could trouble later on...... And the book is fuckin' amazing...

The problem is, SWG is full of zombies and nothing else at this point.
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what ???? SWG still has people playing the game besides the lifeless npc stiffs ?

* Hanak meekly raises his hand.
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been popping in playing the cardgame once and a while... thats pretyt much about it

I already got my black saber Tongue

you are a shame of both sides of the force!!

QuorTek Wrote:you are a shame of both sides of the force!!

QFE... gotta admit quor's onto something there ^:thumbsup:

Cillian Harth Wrote:I already got my black saber Tongue

WHAT? Please tell me they didn't add a black lightsaber!

black and silver or gold sabers or whatever simply does not fit into the universe... you guys should really be ashamed of yaself... there I said it again.

Explain to me why a black saber is not feasible.

Gold and silver, I can see that as a stretch...until some physicist tells me a reasoning. But black is quite reasonable.
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Well if you are going to use coal crystals, which is not really relieable...

There is stuff like opal blue, and moon stone that is very dark but not exactly black, silver and actually gold crystals/diamonds... not sure that is posible unless you place a silver background or gold background behind the clear diamond. Tongue

if it had gold fragments in teh diamond/crystal would result in the thing being rather unstable and would most likely be having an easier way of breaking into pieces or exploding during harsh conditions of leading light or power through them.

A jedi or sith or whatever force faction we speak of would under no circumstances weaken his weapon by taking a risk in doing this and that, just my five cents.. you can compare it to the way the Katanas and in general samurai swords was made in the feudal age of Japan, prime materials, and several layers of steel, the technology by that time is a mysterie, but also a great development and very insanely skilled.

Black/silver or gold sabers is just a bling bling created by the new age force users imagination and added to a game, though it never should had existed in the ways it is now.

Just paying my respect to the force user idealogy, not otherwise.

Hanak Wrote:Explain to me why a black saber is not feasible.

Gold and silver, I can see that as a stretch...until some physicist tells me a reasoning. But black is quite reasonable.

Silver and gold are just colors with a metallic effect mixed, which could be be a trick of the light and not the actual color of the crystals used. While a stretch you could still get silver and gold colored lightsaber blades. Could even be there are metallic crystals that pass light through them in Star Wars.

Black on the other hand is caused by the absorption of all light, so passing light through a black crystal.... doesn't actually work. Which is why black lightsabers aren't really feasible. The only time one has appeared is as a gimmick for TFU, and even then it's only in the game and not in the canon fiction surrounding the game.
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