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Who wants to come to my wedding?

So this even got me to come out of seclusion. Congrats! When and where?

Nice. Yeah like Scy said, when and where? Tongue
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Location is tentatively at Turner Falls in Oklahoma, near Sulpher(sp?). The wedding itself will be outdoors at the fall, and the reception will be either indoors at a different location, or under a canopy. We are looking at the end of July of 2019.

Oh, and my awesome bride to be has agreed to a Star Wars (Jedi) themed wedding, or perhaps Space Balls or Princess Bride themed. We haven't quite decided as of yet. So far, we're leaning towards the Jedi themed.

i will do my absolute best to be there

We don't live far- no reason as of right now that we couldn't make it!
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Sounds great to me. Oh. and.. Hanak. This will be Jedi themed, but.. please keep your shirt on.

Congrats! Smile wishing you all the best!
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