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For Cielle

Please do me a favor, and follow these steps to make sure a minidump file is being created for your BSODs.

1 - Type Control Panel into the search bar and open it
2 - Go to System and click
3 - Go to Advanced System Settings (on the left) and click
4 - Go to the Advanced tab and click Settings under the heading Startup and Recovery
5 - Under System Failure. make sure it's checked to 'Write an event in the system log' and 'Automatically restart'
6 - Under Write Debugging Information, make sure you set to 'Small memory dump (256KB)' from the drop-down menu and then click OK.

The next time you have a BSOD (Blue Screen). check for the minidump file. When you get it, e-mail it to so I can analyze it.

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