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Come play Final Fantasy 14, been on the Zodiark server for almost a year now... and it is an awesome MMO Big Grin


I'm more impressed that you replied, Undies!
[Image: BRQ8v.gif]

Not really a nerd... just playing a good game Smile

Now now be nice. Of all the reason Q is a nerd, playing FFXIV doesn't even scratch the top 25.
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You would all be welcome to play it as well... Zodiac EU server if interested, but probably would run into the same addiction problems and be playing a game where the devs and the game developer actually care about their product and game lol... in those ways could say it would be very much like how the Blizzard team care about their games as well and as well taking pride in what they do.

At first waaaay back FFXIV flopped... then the team took the entire game down again and re-invented it and made it good, so that kind of dedication and they like to add in stuff all the time.

If played any Final Fantasy games then would most likely feel home and likewise if not, but at least do it for the chocobo, if need trial invites let me know though, would not mind to get some additional bonusses especially if you guys get hooked onto the game, SW or not really does not make any difference whenever it get to it either either way if just decide to buy the game on steam and play for the first 'free' month you would get enough gameplay to sustain the value of 4-5 normal games if not more for the same value.

How easy or hard is FF14 to get into as a casual player who likes challenging content but not on a super regular basis?

It is not designed to be difficult but with harder stuff inside the game you can actually get near unbeatable content as well.

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