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It's just a name...

And this name greets you all unknown and known creatures of this alliance.
Some of you might know me while some others wont.

I will make a damn long story short...

I am Lord Jorax.
The reason i post is that im here to see if a few old friends still are alive out there.
Hey I might even consider getting to know new ones.

So, chill and say hi!

Hey Jorax, QuorTek or Soul-Reaver here Big Grin

If you see Venera or Meth around tell him hi from me Big Grin

Is that the same Jorax from the Empire who recruited me via the MSN Gaming Zone?
[Image: BRQ8v.gif]

Hello SR, nice to see a famous "face" again.

Im not sure if i do remember the name "Hanak" but yes, I was in the LSF (last starfighters league) and The Empire faction back then.

I used to play Jedi Knight Dark Forces mostly back then but also SWG before they ruined it... I tried to play SWTOR a little too and I saw some "Ghost Legion" memebrs there that I didnt knew... I even told those names to tell their leaders that I said hi but I never heard from them again Tongue

Today its "League of Legends" that I play online most time but even the new "Conan Exiles".

Ahh, the LSF days..
[Image: sig.jpg]

You were a wee little lad.
"Return with Honor."-Saberwing motto.

Can be found playing Final Fantasy XIV, best MMO I have ever played, currently residing on the Zodiark EU server

send me a tell if want in on it, can use the recruit a friend program for it Big Grin

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