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I wonder if we should have a profession rafle?

Seriously.. when we all enter the game it would be like to many jedi... to many smugglers and whatever else as it is.

I am suggesting having a profession rafle in which each of us would start the game as, but suggesting not the first choice or I want this kind of thing and only this.

I am looking upon the game as it is with the Guild eyes onto the matter.. we would be utter useless if we all just went the same class... I for once would actually not mind starting out as a Jedi or Sith and then be rolling a trooper later on to play around with... but everyone wants to be a forceuser... to a degree that it is sickening.

I am not speaking of people being forced into things, but merely thinking of people being reasonable when we are actually going to play this game and suggesting that we all go the opposite choice of first profession/class that what we really want to, now now don't be childish or immature about this, but I think it could actually cause a fun impact on the gameplay internal, as well as it for incarnated people would have a better understanding of what is actually going on in the head of those people playing that profession.

First Choice: Jedi (I am more than an excelent tank, played tank classes in alot of games with huge success) Opposite of what my prefered choice is in an Starwars MMO
Second Choice: Trooper (Been a very good DPS'er in any game that I have been playing) Prolly my most favoured choice, but would like ot try something different at first.
Third Choice: Smuggler (As for the rogue part, I actually got huge experience there as well) Hybrid class... those are in general fun
Fourth Choice: Counselar (as an Arch Mage, got some experience in that as well as I think it is that what that class symbolize) DPS class

Is the way I want to go, screw the RP part, it will come later on as the beginnign of the game would to get estasblished as a guild that would actually work together, for both PvE, Instances and PvP.

First off, no.

Second off, I think you'd be surprised at how evenly classes would fall in this group.
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Well it was just a proposal as it is... been successfull with the raw model before as it is though, just in FPS based games.

1. Nothing will prevent me from rolling my first toon as Trooper... no raffle, no guild rule nothing.

2. I respect that you like FPSes, but not everyone does. I used to love them, but then I got my first job and left high school....
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Just hoping that we don't mess to much up.. that is all Tongue

Well since what you can do in the game, ie the story, is dependent on the class it really doesn't matter. If we all went Jedi we could all play the jedi stuff together for example. At some point the story must branch together into a single story line where the different classes meet up. Then having a mix is nice but there is enough of us we will get a mix.
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Good groups invarriably will have pleanty of support classes. I've seen it time and time again, with in a week, a group of players that actually care about the group will sort themselves out. No rules or intervention required.
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well seeing all these fossils around aka old schoolers it could become interesting.. Tongue

I'm going with my glow bat ... kinda feel naked without it ... it's like asking a baseball player to go out an hit a home run and he's not allowed to have a bat ....

An yeah were smart enough we don't need to worry about being overloaded with too many of X an not enough Y in our jam .

Yeah, it will all sort out fine. However, I would find Quor as a Jedi amusing. It would be different for sure.
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Hmm not many of you guys have experienced me as one, think of it as person with mad lightsaber skills in the actual FPS games made... not vs the AI but vs people out there... it is very frustrating for an opponent to lead in a perfect combo for then one self moving a step to the side and twacking him directly in the head with one precise strike... for then leaving the beheaded corpse.

Remember I served Ghost Legion once... Wink

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