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New recruiting Strategy.

Hanak Wrote:Will do, we had space for you last night but the group got together a good deal later than it should have. Is your medic Rebel though because if not it excludes him from Hoth in the least - do we need to run the instance pre-reqs? Cause I know Cillian would LOVE to do ISD.

I don't even know what the pre-reqs are Sad So both my characters will need it, and both of them are Rebel.
[Image: dervish9bp.jpg]

"Don't be deceived by appearances, Luke. Wookiees aren't simply big shaggy humanoids. They have an ancient culture with subtleties of its own. They are creatures with close ties to nature, and a great affinity in their own way, for the Force." Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi, on Wookiees. (Star Wars: A New Hope Audio Drama)

we will get you ready for it all Derv, mark my words, it is all a matter of availability Smile

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