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Does anyone play SW TOR? - DDD - 07-09-2017

I occasionally log into the game, but I usually only see one person on. I was surprised one night when I saw like 3 or 4 people on. Is the game basically slowly dying? I am wondering if I should unsubscribe soon. What do you think?

Does anyone play SW TOR? - Meryl Haddox - 07-09-2017

I'm currently still playing

Does anyone play SW TOR? - Starfire - 07-11-2017

If you unsub, please pop in every once and a while to keep our numbers up. I still play every night during the week. As does Cielle usually. Hanak pops on regularly, as does Bana. Belle shows up in the mornings on the weekends. We are still here, just not at the same times.