Guild History


Saberwing began in 1996/97 as an X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter division of the Rebel Alliance in the gaming community LSF Last Starfighter League

Saberwing earned recognition in XvT, Jedi Knight series games, and Galactic Battlegrounds throughout BSA and Weeks of War

In 2002, LSF dissolved and Saberwing became an independent guild

Over the next 7 years Saberwing played Star Wars: Galaxies on the Starsider server

• Kirby was Guild Leader and Polgara was our Mayor
• One of the first three level 5 cities, Crystal Hollow
• Multiple members with Server Firsts
• Renown in space for flying skill
• Sought after for our willingness to help and our expertise for instances, space, and kicking ass
• Second guild to complete the elite Hoth instance on the server and had members in the first group

And we keep building on our history every day through TOR